In today’s new world of business, knowledge is power and success is a matter of how well you manage information. To be successful, you need business solutions that are flexible and powerful enough to meet the demands of your growing business. You need the accounting, business automation and electronic commerce solutions from Topaz Software. All Topaz Business Software Solutions are designed for ease of use and maximum productivity. Modules work in concert for powerful business automation productivity . intuitive , easy to understand screens include drop down menus, automated search features , familiar toolbars and shortcuts to make short work of your data entry activities. Powerful wizards make setup, updates and other important data management functions not only easy but accurate.

With Topaz, the task of making custom changes, adding new functionality or integrating third party applications is not only possible, but is accomplished with unparalled ease.  Topaz also provides one of the easiest and most robust data query tools available for data mining and simplified reporting.

At   SISCO,   we   understand   the importance of training. That is why we have our own engineers to provide the installation support to assure you a smooth transition. SISCO recognizes that no matter how good our software, a successful transition from your existing package to your current software is critical to the satisfaction that you receive with our product. By eliminating middlemen in assisting you in your transition, we ensure that your software will be operational from the start and also ensure the long- term  success  of  your  company. Investing in the installation is as important as investing in the software itself and SISCO assures you that the engineer assigned to your installation will provide the knowledge and experience not found with using private contractors typically employed by other software companies. It is this attention to detail that makes SISCO’s customers satisfied with our work and our software .

Your Success Means Ours

The success of Topaz Software is built on the success of the thousands of loyal users of Topaz software. Our commitment is to help our customers gain unlimited access to their business information through continuous advancements in our software.

From Large Enterprises to Small Businesses

Users of Information Systems supplied by SISCO represent a wide array of companies who share one thing in common. They want a financial and business automation solution that can be easily customized to meet their needs, which can be scaled to fit their changing requirements and that will integrate effectively with Microsoft Toolset

Turn technology into business success

Topaz Business Software has a modern “look and feel”; the ease of use and the powerful customization capabilities of Topaz Business Software are made possible by the use of the latest Microsoft development technologies. Using Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database, customers are assured of well know database that can handle the most demanding business environment.

Sisco is the leader in delivering business solutions based on industry-standard Microsoft technologies like VBA, Access, SQL Server, Visual InterDev and Windows NT.  Our leading innovations include:

– SISCO’s award winning enterprise product line successfully integrates  high functionalities, right out-of-the-box. We provide businesses with ‘one software to run their entire business, from bricks to clicks’.

  • The first to leverage the tremendous benefits of Access by developing our first high-end business solution on this powerful and popular database platform. With Access, our customers enjoy powerful import and export capabilities, ease of integration with other Microsoft applications and unparalleled control over their software.
  • The first to develop a fully customizable, enterprise level business solution based on the powerful data management capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • The first to provide a truly comprehensive end-to-end electronic commerce solution that manages both the web-based transactions and the all important back-end order fulfillment, inventory management and accounting processes.

The Topaz Software Family of Professionals

Sisco is more than the manufacturer of leading business software. We are a family of hundreds of professional business consultants, programmers, resellers and software developers. SISCO has some of the most-talented and best-trained minds in the software industry Together, these people guide and shape the development of our business solutions. Our family of professionals is the best and brightest in the industry, who share one singular focus.


Benefits of our Topaz Business Software SQL Server solution include:
  • Scalability (starting with 5 user productivity packs)
  • Multi-user speed and productivity (over 30,000 available user connections)
  • Very Large Database support (up to 8 terabytes)
  • Large data cache memory support (up to 2 gigabytes)
  • Built-in data replication (for system backup, multi-site servers and data warehousing)
  • True multi-threaded parallel design that offers scalable high performance
  • All the advantages of the robust features and security found in Windows NT.