Accurately manage amounts owed, due dates and available discounts with ease and efficiency. Create accounts payable invoices instantly from existing purchase orders. Completely control check runs. Edit, batch process or print checks individually. Use the handy Quick Check Writer to process miscellaneous cash disbursements not linked to a payable invoice. Features include check reconciliation, suppliers invoices, opening balance, recurring payments, payments approval and comprehensive reporting.

Topaz Accounts Payable puts you in charge of the entire payables. From tracking invoices to printing checks to dealing with vendors, the Accounts Payable system streamlines procedures across your entire portfolio. Developed by the experts, this intuitive solution minimizes manual intervention while maximizing accuracy and productivity. Flexible reporting tools leverage information to support smarter negotiation and decision -making. Accounts Payable can help you improve cash flow and lower costs as you gain greater control over the accounts payable process.

Major Features & Functionality

  • Processes suppliers’ information.
  •  It is integrated with the General Ledger, Stock Control, and Job Costing.
  • It allows selection and payment of invoices by due date, and invoice or supplier.
  • It provides user defined aged payable reports, and allows for recurring payments, i.e. bank notes, lease payments, rents and other payables.
  • Data entry includes suppliers opening balances, invoices, full or part payment by selection, standard entries, e.t.c.
  • Make reports using historical data

Major Benefits

  • From tracking invoices to dealing with vendors, use Accounts Payable to take control of the bill-paying process.
  • Built using Microsoft Dot Net Framework.
  •  Microsoft-based Technology utilizing Office and SQL Server
  • Integrates with existing business information systems
  • Utilizes technically superior product architecture and state of the art technologies.
  • Customization and implementation of solutions by value added re-sellers.
  • Generate complete audit trails.

User Friendly

The Button-driven menu system, pull down menus and scrolling lists for selection and look-up make the system easy to use and easy to learn. There is open access to data, capability to export data to spreadsheets, word processors and other packages. The data entry sections where possible, use combo boxes to allow selection rather than entry of data. This increases data entry speed, reduces data entry errors and facilitates querying of the database and reporting. The inquiry section allows sorting of information by different Parameters (fields) just by the touch of a button.


Account suppliers may be accessed by any of three different lookup methods: Supplier data, name (any portion, e.g. first, last, middle) or telephone number. In addition to the usual Supplier identification information, space is provided in the supplier maintenance area for a user defined supplier group, contact name, up to six telephone and fax numbers, terms information, high balance, tax numbers, flags for statement generation, finance charge calculation, date account opened, date of last purchase and date of last payment, e.t.c.




Topaz A/P can be used to create invoices for suppliers for goods and services supplied to an organization.  Invoices can be created in local or foreign currency.  Details of the invoice such as reference number, description, account number to credited or debited and the amount of the invoice can all be captured. In addition VAT and NHIL can be captured as part of each invoice amount.


Information on suppliers Opening balances can be captured by topaz account payable. Information such as supplier, date, amount, currency, rate, liability G/L. etc.


The Accounts Payable module allows interactive entry of sales, credit memos, debit memos and finance charges. The sales fields entered are sales, miscellaneous, freight, sales taxes and cost. Sales taxes can be automatically calculated by the system, with a provision for user override. Sales may be distributed to many different general ledger accounts. Capabilities for edit reporting, a sales journal and posting to the open item file are provided, with a full paper audit trail.


The system has a provision for recurring fees that is used to bill fees that occur on a regular basis, e.g. monthly. It maintains all relevant customer information, thus eliminating the need to re-enter the information each billing period. Not only does this feature save time and reduce errors, but it prevents billings from being overlooked.


A listing of outstanding payments can be produced by the system for approval by the head of department before payment is effected.  A signed approval list can then be used for payment processing and as a record of the approval given by the head of department.


The Debit Memo module provides facility for processing advance payments to suppliers. Details such as the amount being paid, date of payment, payment type (cash or check), currency, job, e.t.c. can all be captured.


All the data captured by the Accounts payable system can be enquired on. Enquiries can be made on:

Invoices by Date , Invoice by Supplier/Dates; Invoice by Dates/Supplier; Payments; Unpaid  Invoices; Payment Forecast; Aging and Suppliers.

Enquiry provides a listing of all supplier invoices grouped by year and month. The listing contains data such as; invoice amount, invoice date, currency of invoice and unpaid balance. An aging analysis of the unpaid balance is provided for balances that are overdue by 30, 60, and 90 +.


The reports include:

Statement; Aging By Date, Aging By Month; Aging By month Range, Aging By Date Range; Complete Aging By Date( Summary); Aging By Supplier Group; Payment History By Supplier,  By Invoice Number; Payment History By Date Range; Debit Memo, Supplier List and Payment Forecast, Supplier Purchases


Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / 2016 and running on Windows 7 / Windows 10, Topaz Accounts Payable System is optimized for any environment. From a small office with one computer, to a large office working over local and wide area networks, Topaz Accounts Payable can accommodate it.


Inputting of data into Topaz AP is limited to authorized users. Topaz ASM data is protected from unauthorized access through appropriate system, administrative, and technical safeguards. Other staff in the organization can however inquire on the data in Topaz AP.