Topaz eSchool is an affordable and scalable Cloud Based school administration software for public and private schools, from Kindergarten through JHS 3. It provides a flexible solution to ease the increasing administrative workloads
facing today’s educational institutions. The software centralizes and controls student and financial information quickly, easily, and efficiently. It has modules for biographical information, attendance, scheduling, grades, discipline, health, fee tracking and much more.

Topaz eSchool makes it much easier for your staff to update, share and distribute student information. Easier to monitor individual student and class development, and update grades, attendance and discipline more instantly from any computer.


  • A major feature of Topaz eSchool is the Student Info module which manages all student data. It offers a lot of flexibility in the capture of data for a student by providing all the necessary tools to manage information about its students. Pictures of students are assigned to their personal data such as name, date of birth, class etc.
  • With Topaz School Manager, details of each school teacher can be captured including the teacher’s name, Date of Birth, date of employment, designation, contact phon numbers, residential address etc.
  • Data on the Parents/Guardian of students can be captured using this module.
  • New students who are seeking admission into the school for the first time can be tracked using this module.
  • Topaz eSchool is a cloud based application that gives parents anytime anywhere access enabling them track their wards progress.

Topaz eSchool is not only Cloud Based but also comes with a mobile app which allows parents/guardians access to their wards information, performance, terminal reports, notices, events and school activities with a designated login. As such with internet access parents can keep abreast with their wards school activities at any time and from anywhere.

Topaz eSchool also links a maximum of three guardians/parents to a student, with each having access to student Info once registered.

Topaz eSchool mobile platform gives up to date text/emails notifications of payments made for a student or general announcements from administration. This same platform allows parents/guardians to make payments at their convenience with immediate receipt notification.