The tracking and management of physical assets such as houses, lands, vehicles etc has become a high priority for most organizations. Topaz Asset Manager is a system to manage any kind of asset owned by an organization such as houses or bungalows, vehicles or lands. It is ideal for Government Ministries and Departments, Banks and Agencies or Organizations that own a lot of properties and where it is vital to be able to store and retrieve this information in a fast and efficient way.

Major Features & Functionality

  • Provides an MDA or Organization with the necessary tools to manage efficiently the properties it owns including their use or occupancy.
  • The system can also track the category of houses that are in a particular location as to whether these houses are single storey or two storey etc.
  • When capturing data on an asset, a picture image of the asset can also be stored to aid in referencing the asset
  • Topaz Asset Manager is not only for managing residential and commercial properties but other assets such as equipments. It also allows you to track all your vehicles by categorizing them into groups such as trucks, cars etc.

Major Benefits

  • Built using Microsoft Dot Net Framework.
  • Microsoft-based Technology utilizing Office and SQL Server
  • Integrates with existing business information systems
  • Utilizes technically superior product architecture and state of the art technologies.
  • Customization and implementation of solutions by value added re-sellers.
  • Generate complete audit trails.
  • Customize to your exact company needs.

Tailored to Your Needs

Topaz Asset Manager is ideal for Government Ministries and Departments, District Assemblies, Municipal Assemblies, Banks and Agencies or Organizations that own a lot of properties such as equipments, buildings, vehicles etc, and where it is vital to be able to store and retrieve this information in a fast and efficient way.

Gain a Handle on Your Assets

Topaz Asset Manager records data on the acquisition of an asset such as the original cost, acquisition date, supplier or vendor, date asset was first put into service, quantity and whether this asset can be rented. All assets owned by an Organization can be registered in the system. Both immovable as well as movable assets can be registered by Topaz ASM.

Information When You Need it

Like all Topaz software solutions, Asset Manager gives you complete control over the types of asset related information you track. Asset Manager comes with common default fields that you can add to, delete, or modify to meet your specific needs. Track the information about asset issues in progress, broken assets or requests for asset purchase – all features aimed at ensuring that everything you need is stored in the centrally managed database.



All assets owned by an organization can be registered in the system. Both immovable (Buildings and Lands) as well as movable assets (Vehicles, Furniture, Equipment etc) can be registered by Topaz ASM. Topaz ASM offers unlimited levels of sub-categories.
For a category such as Vehicles, sub-categories such as Trucks and Cars can be created. Further sub-categories of Diesel trucks and Petrol Engine Trucks can be created as the next level.

With Topaz ASM, users can depreciate assets in the asset register. The depreciation can be performed for any year or month. Various user defined depreciation methods such as straight line etc are available.

Topaz ASM can capture data on all repairs and maintenance. Information that can be tracked for maintenance includes, Date of Repair, Repaired by, Cost of Repair, etc.

A powerful major problem with some assets is that, their scheduled maintenance such as changing the engine oil of a vehicle is usually not adhered to. With Topaz ASM, assets can be scheduled for regular maintenance on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Where the value of an asset has appreciated with time, the asset revaluation option can be used to change the value of an asset. This new value will be used for subsequent depreciations.

Assets that are no longer needed by the organization can be disposed off either through a sale or outright gift. Detailed information on how the asset was disposed of can be captured and stored by Topaz Asset Manager. Any profit or loss made on the asset disposal can be tracked and also posted to the General Ledger where necessary.

The transfer of assets from one department or cost center within the organization or company to another department can be handled by Topaz Asset Manager. Information tracked as part of asset transfer includes date of transfer, city and location. Reports on these transfers can also be produced by Topaz Asset Manager.


Topaz ASM can track additional details of buildings owned by an organization. Details such as the occupant of a bungalow including his name, rank, ministry or department, year of occupation, previous occupants of the bungalow, list of furniture in the bungalow, cost of construction, pictures of the bungalow etc. The maintenance history of the bungalow is also tracked including cost.

For Vehicles owned by an organization, additional details about the vehicle can be captured by Topaz ASM and tracked. Detailed data on the person currently using the vehicle, previous users of the vehicle, maintenance history of the vehicle and a picture of the vehicle can all be tracked. Once these data are captured searches can be made on them and also detailed reports on these assets are available.

Inputting of data into Topaz ASM is limited to authorized users. Topaz ASM data is protected from unauthorized access through appropriate system, administrative, and technical safeguards. Other staff in the organization can however inquire on the data in Topaz ASM.

After each month’s depreciation, detailed depreciation reports are provided by the system. The system also provides the following reports: List of Assets; Asset over a given age; List of Assets; by Location; City; category and Year out into service, Insured Assets, Revalued Assets.

Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / 2016 and running on Windows 7 / Windows 10, Topaz ASM is optimized for any environment.