Are you looking for church management software that fits your ministry? Have you felt forced to choose between either low end systems that severely limit what you can do, or high-end systems that are overly complex, expensive, and difficult to use?. Topaz Church Manager  strikes the ideal balance – flexible and powerful in its capabilities, yet intuitive and easy to use.

Topaz Church Manager is a full featured Church software . It is an innovative and state-of-the-art software solution for churches who wish to become more efficient and more effective in their ministries. With its modern graphical user interface and powerful features backed by superior support and experience, you and your church can rest assured that this product will truly be a boost to you and your ministries.

Major Features & Functionality

  • Detailed Membership Tracking and Reporting of Households and Individuals
  • Detailed Contact Tracking and Reporting for individuals /organizations not part of the formal membership database
  • Group and Activity Membership Tracking and Reporting
  • Contribution and Pledge
  • Tracking and Reporting Meeting and Meeting Attendance
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Visitation Scheduling

Major Benefits

  • Mark attendance for services, events, and programs fast, via keyboard or bar code scanners. Topaz Church Manager is streamlined to help you get data quickly.
  • Built using Microsoft Dot Net Framework.
  • Utilizes technically superior product architecture and state of the art technologies.
  • Customization and implementation of solutions by value added re-sellers.

Manage information about your congregation

Allows virtually unlimited membership information on every individual. In addition to standard fields for addresses, phones, birthdays and so forth, there are dozens of user-defined fields, including date fields, so information is easily tailored to individual church needs. Individual records are grouped by family. Last names and addresses are entered just once for the whole family to speed entry. Different, last names or addresses can be easily changed for an individual, while still maintaining family relationships. Labels print properly for households with different last names. Also, full picture capability stores individual and family pictures

Benefit from unmatched flexibility.

Define fields to use your own terminology. Topaz Church Manager provides a number of user-definable fields that can be customized to the needs of your Church. You have unlimited capacity for storing user-defined participation categories, such as membership, activities, committees, gifts, etc. Screens are easily tailored for denominational preferences for terminology as well as the type of information recorded.

Use a system that’s designed to be easy.

Quickly access records by first name, last name, or a combination. Help screens are provided throughout the software, including an online index of help topics.  You can add your own notes to the on-line help screens. Across-the-system address changing makes address updating quick and easy. Aging automatically calculates on all date fields.



A major feature of Topaz Church Manager is the Member modules which handles “Households & Individuals”.  It offers a lot of flexibility in the capture of data for a household. It records the data for holding all of the common family data (address, home phone, etc.) and then the individual record unit for holding all of the individual specific data (birth dates, cell phone #’s, etc.).


Events are the core element in the Event Scheduling Module of Topaz Church Manager.  It will manage your recurring or one-time events such as retreats, classes, seminars, workshops, weddings, conferences, etc.


With Topaz Church Manager, details of major church activities such as church services, Weddings, Baptisms, Confirmations, Visitation of church members, Dedication of Babies etc. can be tracked.


Topaz Church Manager readily manages the incoming contributions   / donations received by your church from members and other donors.  Designed with simplicity and speed-of-entry in mind, the Contributions Module will make your treasurer smile.


The “Visitations” Module of Topaz Church Manager provides a convenient method for tracking any correspondence (phone calls, in-person meetings, letters, etc.) between your organization’s staff/volunteers and your members or visitors.


The “Pledges” Module provides a powerful mechanism for recording and tracking financial promises by Households, Individuals, and Contacts


Events are the core element in the Event Scheduling Module of Topaz Church Manager.  It will manage your recurring or one-time events such as retreats, classes, seminars, workshops, weddings, conferences, etc.


Topaz Church Manager utilizes “Resource” records to identify various resources and assets available to your organization. record important details about your organization’s assets (vehicles, audio/visual equipment, books, videos, furniture, etc.).


Keep track of what tasks are required for each event (set-up, greeters, chaperones, announcements, food service, child-care, etc.) and the people who are responsible for each of these tasks.


Inputting of data into Topaz Church Manager can be restricted to staff with specific access rights. Authorization is needed to access the software, while in the system, ones password determines what modules they can have access to.


Topaz Church Manager has an intuitive and logical design that reduces training time. Minimal training time allows your Organization to immediately take advantage of the time and work saving features of Topaz Church Manager.


Using the latest in Microsoft development tools, all the components of Topaz Church Manager are developed using Microsoft .Net Framework. The framework is the technology of the future.


Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / 2016 and running on Windows 7 / Windows 10, Topaz Church Manager is optimized for any environment. From a small church with one computer, to a large church working over local and wide area networks, Topaz Church Manager can accommodate it.