Topaz Stock Control is a complete multi location stores inventory control and analysis system.  It adjusts inventory by quantities and costs.  Users can select from different costing methods and manage inventory for several locations.  Topaz Stock Control also handles purchasing and receiving of inventory and tracks Letters of credit and bank transfers.

It allows for the issuing and transferring of stock among warehouses. The expiry dates and serial number of stock can also be handled by the system. It is fully integrated with Topaz General Ledger.

Major Features & Functionality

  • The Topaz Stock Control module has the capability to track the same stock at different warehouses and bin locations.
  • When stock is being issued and the system determines that a particular stock item is not in stock, the system suggests alternate items which can then be issued.
  • Track letters of credit and bank transfers for overseas suppliers.
  • The Topaz Control module has the capability to handle stock transfer from one location to another.
  • After a stock item has been issued, the Stock Control Module adjusts the quantity on hand as well as the quantity issued automatically.
  • Topaz Stock Control has the capacity to handle physical counts that may be recorded during stock taking exercises.

Major Benefits

  • Built Using Microsoft Dot Net Framework
  • Microsoft-based Technology utilizing Office and SQL Server
  • Integrates with existing business information systems
  • Utilizes technically superior product architecture and state of the art technologies.
  • Customization and implementation of solutions by value added re-sellers.
  • Generate complete audit trials.

Handles Stock Categories

Items being handled by the Stores Inventory module of Topaz Accounting can be categorized such as stationary, hardware etc. each of the major categories can be further sub-categorized up to several levels. Reports generated by the system can be under these sub categories and the major category.

User Friendly

The Button-driven menu system, pull down menus and scrolling lists of selection and look-up make the system easy to use and easy to learn. There is open access to data, capability to export data to spreadsheets, word processors and other packages. The data entry sections where possible, uses combo boxes to allow selection rather than entry of data. This increases data entry speed, reduces data entry errors and facilitates querying of the database and reporting . The inquiry section allows sorting of information by different parameters (fields) in an easy format.

Fully Integrated With The General Ledger And Accounts Payable

The Stock/Inventory module of Topaz is fully integrated with the General Ledger such that when new stock is received, the store inventory control account number is  automatically updated without the need to pass additional transactions in the General Ledger.



Registration Of Stock Items

All stock items being handled by the Stores Inventory Module of Topaz has the facility for registering each stock item with all its relevant data such as minimum stock, maximum stock, units of measure, costing method stock ID number etc. In addition the beginning or opening quantities can be captured and posted to update the quantities on hand.

Inventory Price Change

If the need arises for the prices of items in the Stores Inventory Module of Topaz to be changed, there exists a facility, which allows price changes to be performed automatically for all stock items or a category of items. In addition the price of any individual item can be changed.

Inventory Physical Count

The Stores Inventory Module has the capability to handle physical counts that may be recorded during stock taking exercises. The physical count may then be used to adjust the quantities on hand.

Stock Issue Returns

After stock has been issued through the Stores Inventory system, all or a portion of the stock items can be returned back to stock. Quantities on hand are updated accordingly. In addition a facility exists for transferring stock between different stock locations with their quantities being updated accordingly.

Handles Stock Purchase

In addition to handling purchases through the purchase order system for overseas purchases, the Stores Inventory Module can handle local purchases, which usually do not involve freight or insurance charges.

Item Code Changes

In the event that a stock item code has to be changed, the Stores Inventory Module of Topaz Accounting can handle this and allow for table look up of the previous stock item ID numbers. Stock issued using the Stores Inventory Module can be posted to the General Ledger such that the Stores Inventory control account gets updated automatically.

Facility To Receive Stock On Order Fully Or Partially

The Stores Inventory software can handle partial or full receipts of stock items ordered through the purchase order Module. Later the balance of the stock can be received through the short-landed option of the Stores Inventory Module.

Handles FIFO and LIFO Costing Methods

The Stores Inventory Module of Topaz Accounting has facility for four different stock costing methods; namely

  • Weighted Moving Average
  • LIFO
  • FIFO
  • Standard Cost

Each of the above costing methods can be selected for the stock and during stock evaluation the appropriate costing method is used by Topaz to calculate the value of the stock.


Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2016  Databse and running on Windows 2012/2014 servers, Windows 7 / Windows 10, Topaz Stock Control System is optimized for any environment. From a small office with one computer, to a large office working over local and wide area networks, Topaz Stock Control can accommodate it.


Inputting of data into Topaz Stock Control is limited to authorized users. Topaz Stock Control data is protected from unauthorized access through appropriate system, administrative, and technical safeguards. Other staff in the organization can however inquire on the data in Topaz Stock Control.