Topaz School Manager is an affordable and scalable school administration software for public and private schools, from Kindergarten through SSS 3. It provides a flexible solution to ease the increasing administrative workloads facing today’s educational institutions. Topaz School Manager centralizes and controls student and financial information quickly, easily, and efficiently. It has modules for biographical information, attendance, scheduling, grades,     discipline, health, fee tracking and much, much more.

Topaz School Manager makes it much easier for your staff to update, share and distribute student information. Easier to monitor individual student and class development, and update grades, attendance, discipline and more instantly from any computer.

Major Features & Functionality

  • A major feature of Topaz School Manager is the Student Info module which handles all students. It offers a lot of flexibility in the capture of data for a student.
  • Topaz School Manager provides a school with all the necessary tools to manage information about its students. Pictures of students are assigned to their personal data such as name, date of birth, class etc.
  • With Topaz School Manager, details of each school teacher can be captured including the teacher’s name, Date of Birth, date of employment, designation, contact phone numbers, residential address etc.
  • Data on the Parents/Guardian of students can be captured using this module.
  • New students who are seeking admission into the school for the first time can be tracked using this module.

Major Benefits

  • Built using Microsoft Dot Net Framework.
  • Microsoft-based Technology utilizing Office and SQL Server
  • Utilizes technically superior product architecture and state of the art technologies.
  • Customization and implementation of solutions by value added re-sellers


A major feature of Topaz School Manager is the Student Info module which handles all students. It offers a lot of flexibility in the capture of data for a student. It records the data for holding all of the common student data (Last name, first name, home address, home phone,  street address, birthdates, homes phone numbers, Class, year of admission. etc).

User Friendly

The Button-driven menu system, pull down menus and scrolling lists for selection and look-up make the system easy to use and easy to learn. There is open access to data, capability to export data to spreadsheets, word processors and other packages. The data entry sections where possible, use combo boxes to allow selection rather than entry of data. This increases data entry speed, reduces data entry errors and facilitates querying of the database and reporting. The inquiry section allows sorting of information by different Parameters (fields) just by the touch of a button.

Information When You Need it

Like all Topaz software solutions, School Manager gives you complete control over the types of school related information you track. School Manager comes with common default fields that you can add to, delete, or modify to meet your specific needs. Track the information about students, teachers, parents/guardians, timetable, e.t.c.  – all features aimed at ensuring that everything you need is stored in the centrally managed database.



Particulars of the parents/guardians are provided. His/her relationship to the student is also stated. Also whether parent/guardian is a PTA executive and the academic year in which parent/guardian became an executive are both stated together with the position held by the guardian is also given. The home address, phone, mobile and fax numbers as well as e-mail address of the parent/guardian are provided. The class and name of the student(s) to whom the parent/guardian is related are entered.


All subjects taught in the school are recorded. The subjects that are taught in a particular class is assigned and also the teachers who teach these subjects are entered together.


Knowing when a school is going for mid-terms, or holding an important event in the school such as a speech and prize giving day is necessary for the drawing of a timetable. This system allows for the setting of a calendar for each term in an academic year.


Recording the marks and calculating of each student’s marks to find their performance is a back breaking job that most teachers shudder at the thought of it. Topaz School Manager has been designed with speedy-entry and simplicity; the Promotions/Results module will make the entry of marks an easy job. The system allows entries of marks are entered for student’s homework/projects, class assignments, class tests and exam results. It then processes these marks and finds the needed percentages. It even sorts out the students according to their total score and assigns them positions so the teacher does not go through this trouble again.


The processing and payment of school fees is very important to every school and that is the reason the Topaz School Manager places keen interest in establishing this goal. This module allows for the processing of students bill, the payment of fees, creating credit memos and also setting students balances. Bills are processed based on the class and also on each student’s requirements. For example a school that runs a school bus will have some students using this bus and thus these students will have additional bills to their fees. Also students can be allowed to make advanced payments of their fees, which will be deducted from their fees when their bills are ready. Finding how much a student owes the school is no more a problem because there no need to search through books; this has been made easier with this module.


The system records the number of students in a class, the lead or substitute teacher, the prefect or assistant prefect, the room and comments about the class.


Inputting of data into Topaz School Mnger is limited to authorized users. Topaz School Manager data is protected from unauthorized access through appropriate system, administrative, and technical safeguards. Other staff in the organization can however inquire on the data in Topaz School Manger.


Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / 2016 and running on Windows 7 / Windows 10, Topaz school Manager is optimized for any environment and are developed using Microsoft .Net Framework. The framework is the technology of the future.


Topaz SM has an intuitive and logical design that reduces training time. Minimal training time allows your Organization to immediately take advantage of the time and work saving features of Topaz SM. Depending on the implementation, your Organization could be up and running with Topaz SM solution in a matter of weeks, not months like many industry vendors.