Topaz General Ledger system consolidates data received from accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and other accounting information systems. At the end of each accounting period, they close the books of a business and produce the ledger trail balance, the income statement and balance sheet of the firm, and various income and expense reports for management. Computer-based general ledger systems help businesses accomplish these accounting tasks in an accurate and timely manner.

General Ledger gives you complete general ledger functionality. It allows up to 13 fiscal periods, with user definable ledger accounts, income statements, comparative balance sheets and automatic standard journal entries. It records a complete audit trail and maintains period-to-date balances.

Major Features & Functionality

  • Define any starting date for the fiscal year and specify your own accounting periods with an unlimited number of periods of any duration.
  • Securely close your fiscal year while retaining the flexibility to ensure correct accounting data.
  • Transactions leave a complete audit trail , so that even complex business transactions become transparent.
  • Customized to your exact company needs
  • Microsoft-based Technology utilizing .NET, Office and SQL Server
  • Integrates with existing business information systems

Major Benefits

  • Built using Microsoft Dot Net Framework.
  • Utilizes technically superior product architecture and state of the art technologies.
  • Customization and implementation of solutions by value added re-sellers.
  • Generate complete audit trails.
  • Make reports using historical data
  • Show amounts in an alternative currency on financial reports such as VAT reports, and income statements.

Optimize Data Management

The General Ledger application area offers an efficient means of centralizing your company‘s accounting information, posting specifications, and other core data. There are many facilities for both internal and external analysis, which enable you to produce a wide range of trail balances, customized financial statements.

You can also view and print reports in an alternative currency. So, if you’ve converted your General Ledger base currency to Euro, you can still issue your annual report in any currency appropriate for your audience.

Drill Down to the Details

Drill-down functionality and on-the-fly filters transform your chart of accounts from a passive summary to a practical instrument that offers precise statements with updated information. After you set up the chart of accounts exactly as you want it, you are ready to find specific aspects of your company’s finances-with data from both the current and fiscal year and previous years.

Transfer Data Easily

In the journals, you can have direct access to information tables where you can select the information you need to enter in the journals. The data is transferred directly from table to journal. There is also direct access to the ledger entry list, the G/L account cards , and the chart of accounts from anywhere in the journals. You can use either the account number or the search name to enter an account in the journal.



With Topaz G/L, users can define any starting date for the fiscal year and specify your own accounting periods with an unlimited number of periods of any duration. Also, filters can be used to view and print financial data across periods , regardless of starting and closing dates.


Define an unlimited number of dimensions and dimension value at any time. With Topaz G/L you can name dimensions as you  please , so that your dimensions values at any time. Also, you can set up dimension value hierachies to reflect your reporting and accounting needs.


Transactions leave a complete audit trail , so that even complex business transactions become transparent. Users can be able to view all G/L entries for all accounts or specific accounts form Charts of Accounts ,journals, account cards , and so on.


Use your general journals to post to G/L accounts , bank accounts , customer accounts and so on. Users can also set up an unlimited number of journal batches, for example, per user or for specific purposeslike corrections.


User can create and maintain budgets in an easy to comprehend matrix form as well as investigate budgetary performance using account schedules and specific budget reports. Also users can have as many budgets as they want, of any period length , with the level of detail necessary to direct and control your business.


Create an unlimited number of unique, company –specific reports based on G/L data, budget data, and dimensions data.  You can also export your account schedules to Excel to make full use of Excel’s viaual and presentation capab ilities.


Consolidate financial statemnets for a series of business units foprms; a single database, other navision databases, other programs. Users can transfer from different accounting structures to their own by dimension or business units. Also , users can view the effects eliminations will have on the consolidated company using the Eliminations reports prior to posting eliminations.


Create intercompany transactions between any two companies within a group controlled by the sdame legal entity. You can correct due to/due from entities in more than one company , using relevant intermediary accounts.


Inputting of data into Topaz G/L is limited to authorized users. Topaz G/L data is protected from unauthorized access through appropriate system, administrative, and technical safeguards. Other staff in the organization can however inquire on the data in Topaz G/L.


 Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2016 and running on Windows 7 / Windows 10, Topaz G/L is optimized for any environment.


Using the latest in Microsoft development tools, all the components of Topaz G/L are developed using Microsoft .Net Framework. The framework is the technology of the future.


Topaz G/L has an intuitive and logical design that reduces training time. Minimal training time allows your Organization to immediately take advantage of the time and work saving features of Topaz G/L. Depending on the implementation, your Organization could be up and running with Topaz G/Lsolution in a matter of weeks, not months like many industry vendors.


The system provides the following reports:

Exporting report to Excel, Translating report into any user defined currency, printing balance sheet by all accounts, Printing balance sheet by only accounts with transactions, printing a summarized balance sheet.