Dr. Harriet Somuah has over twenty years active leadership experience leading IT teams to implement client focused projects. She has been involved in several projects, which have been completed successfully by both SISCO. and Advanced Computer  Systems Company (ACS) She has been involved in Project Management and served as Team Leader in the design and development of custom tailored software applications and consultancy services in the Implementation of Information Technology Systems for clients.

She successfully managed the end-to-end planning, implementation and rollout of the first Computerised School Selection and Placement Program (CSSPS) for the Ministry of Education by managing a cross-functional team of Software Analysts, Architects, Programmers and Database Architects that developed CSSPS using Microsoft DotNet Framework and object oriented technology. She has provided advice on tools, technology and methodology related to the design of SISCO’s IT solutions. She has facilitated translation of Clients’ business requirements into technological solutions through the Identification, Analysis and Evaluation of the Business and Management Information Systems requirement of such clients.
In her current role she continues to provide project management support whilst offering appropriate leadership as the CEO of SISCO